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Americans Can Now Bring Cuban Cigars Back Home

The traveler stood in line at JFK. In his bags, he had $2,000 worth of Cuban cigars that he had purchased in London. His arrival was a week after the U.S. Treasury had further loosened the rules for American citizens importing Cuban cigars and rum into the United States. Still there were limits: $800 worth […]

How Many Cuban Cigars or Bottles of Rum Can You Actually Bring Back With You From Your Trip to Cuba?

We’ve got the scoop on what you are allowed to bring back from Cuba after recent restrictions were placed on American tourists traveling to the Caribbean island. If you’re planning a trip to Cuba, but you’re finding it difficult to determine how many Cuban cigars you can bring back to the U.S., that’s because it’s […]


Another big no-no is smoking on an empty stomach. Even mild cigars can go to your head when you haven’t eaten. It happens especially fast when you’re smoking a strong cigar. Even tough guys who smoke potent and peppery Cain cigars for breakfast toss back a stack of flapjacks before they fire up. At the […]